What is a family? May I ask.

Daddy was a cheater, abuser and an empty soul that fed on people’s kindness that pulled apart our family.

So young to understand why my brothers and sisters were staying with other family members.

No, my Journey of being alone with no one to talk to just began.

I wanted the one thing, that I don’t have but I want, which is a loving family.

I guess I have to wait when I grow up to have my own family.

Which I hope doesn’t turn out to be filled with lies, abuse, and rape.

And me being afraid, alone and cheated on.

My Family is like a cold case.

Love found me with a younger man – So I thought.

That wasn’t love, that was darkness trying to get into the light.

I guess I just have to smile and continue my family journey.

My family is like a cold case covering in dust.


By Tanisha Russell