Have you seen the new bathrooms lately?

Manchester Community College has just completely refurnished new bathrooms on the top and bottom Lowe Building floors. These bathrooms are part of the new initiative to create more handicap friendly lavatories and all of the changes, meet the new ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements. IMG_6257Every bathroom has new wooden doors on the outside,  the interior has black tiles and gray walls, also gray stalls for both unisex and gender neutral bathrooms. In the two new unisex bathrooms located both on the top and bottom levels of the Lowe building there are larger handicap stalls and the sinks have been lowered. New foam soap dispensers and hand dryers are installed in each bathroom to help with the new green initiative thats currently on campus.

The new changes have surprised students who did not know there were newly refurbished bathrooms. Ashley Larochelle thinks that “the new bathrooms are great for people who are handicapped”. While Hanish Rubanza likes that the new stalls and floor plan of the bathrooms are “Spacious and roomy and private and its easier to get in and out of”, and Paulyna Pham thinks that for women “the large mirrors are a plus, especially when you have to do your hair in the mirror”.

These new modern bathrooms are a welcome change, but Anne-marie Ferguson asks, “why the bathrooms are always reversed when ever they are done over?” Students are still relieved that hunting for a bathroom in the SSC Lowe building will be a little easier.