Brandon Fern

Live Wire Web Reporter

and Alta McKinney

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On Tuesday, November 19th, an unidentified person in a pink cat costume appeared roaming around campus. While the “cat” caught the attention of the student body, the campus police were less than thrilled. The cat, identified as “Aubrey” on her badge, was apprehended by the campus police and escorted by Umesh Vig, Assistant to the Dean of Student Affairs, to his office.


Reportedly, she had been walking into classes and removed a desk from one. In general, students were confused by her behavior, and one young man thought it was an act of school spirit. A Manchester Community College Police Officer stated that Aubrey was very cooperative. She caused some commotion but did not cause any major trouble on campus.

Her costume was similar to furry costumes. Furry is a subculture interested in anthropomorphic characters, or animals that look like people, that have taken on human personalities and expressions. Members of this community meet on the internet and at conventions to share their common interest. Aubrey was not apprehended because she was perceived to be a part of this community. The conflict arose because her face was covered and she disrupted classes.


The Live Wire would like to remind students that they are not allowed to cover their face with a mask unless they are in the mascot suit provided by the Student Government Association, especially since the troubles with masked students at CCSU.

Photos By Brandon Fern

************UPDATED ON NOVEMBER 21************

We apologize to Assistant to the Dean of Student Affairs, Umesh Vig, for misquoting him in an earlier publication of this article.