By Nathaniel Cheatham
Live Wire Editor-In-Chief
Perviously published in the December 9th, 2013 Issue Of the Live Wire Newspaper

It has been a couple years since the buzz on campus about arming the cam- pus police and you may have wondered whatever happened to that movement?

During the 2011-2012 school year, the Student Government Association, part- nered with the Manchester Community College President’s office, to survey the campus on the topic. They asked students, faculty and staff if they felt it necessary to allow officers of the MCC Campus Police to carry sidearm pistols, in addition to the batons and other non- lethal items they currently carry.

A great majority of those who responded said they felt that campus police should be armed for the safety of the campus.

But it hasn’t happened yet. Opposition was hit when the issue went to the Board of Regents for Higher Education, which has to approve major changes at the 17 community colleges and state universities.

MCC Pres. Gena Glickman headed a push for the measure with the BOR. But the board declined to approve the measure until after a safety survey of all 17 colleges had been completed. A year later, the survey has been approved and a contractor has been found. It began looking at safety on all the campuses Nov. 1 and is scheduled to complete its work by Oct. 31, 2014.

According to a copy of the contract, the chosen company, Elert and Associates Networking Division, Inc., from Still- water, Minn., stands to receive just un- der $200,000 to complete its work. The scope of the survey will include review- ing current security policies, evaluating compliance with state and federal stan- dards, and assessing threat and vulnera- bilities for each campus. The contractor will put the findings into a report, with suggestions for improvement, for the BOR to vote on.

The findings of the report will be a ma- jor factor in whether or not the BOR approves the arming of MCC police or make any other changes to campus se- curity.

In preparation for the contractor’s visit to MCC, MCC Police have already begun putting together information about the campus, Master Sgt. Michael Davis, in- cluding data on where high traffic areas are located and even how many air ducts are in each building.
Davis said he does not know when com- pany representatives will be coming to MCC, but they are ready for them.

Tips For Not Being Perceived As A Threat On Campus
In light of Newtown and the recent CCSU scare, it’s important to think about how you will be perceived when coming on cam- pus. MCC Police are here to make sure all are safe, and have a few suggestions so you don’t end up getting an unexpected visit from them.

1. Leave the mask at home.
2. Be mindful of what bags or packages you are carrying look like. If you are in Culinary Arts or bringing in materials for a class don’t take out knives or equipment un- less you are in class.
3. Do not carry a bat or cane in a way that could frighten others, use them for their appropriate func- tions.
4. Do not act out, body