By Olivia Jablonski

Live Wire Senior Staff Writer

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy visited Manchester Community College on Wednesday February‭ ‬12,‭ ‬2014‭ ‬to hold a press conference to introduce his new plan called‭ ‬“Transform CSCU‭ ‬2020,‭”previously called Excel CT,‬ which is a multi-layered investment to reunite Connecticut‭’‬s twelve community colleges,‭ ‬four state universities,‭ ‬and single online college as one interdependent system designed to support students.

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The proposal will bring‭ ‬134‭ ‬million dollars into the state college system which will improve technologies and the learning environment throughout the colleges in the state.‭ ‬It will also expand academic and work force training programs and build strong partnership with the state‭’‬s manufacturers and business community.‭

“We know that‭ ‬70-‭ ‬percent of jobs in‭ ‬2020‭ ‬will require post-secondary education.‭ ‬That is why it is imperative that we garner support for‭ ‬these necessary investments in our students,‭”‬ Governor Malloy said.‭ ‬“This will help colleges adapt to student needs and offer the kind of dynamic higher education experience that students want and employers expect.‭ ‬Let‭’‬s move our state university and community college system into the‭ ‬21st century.‭ ‬Let‭’‬s do that together.‭”

Essentially,‭ ‬the Governor‭’‬s goal is to make higher education an‭ ‬actual‭ ‬reality for many students,‭ ‬and by making this happen,‭ ‬“Transform CSCU‭ ‬2020‭”‬ will‭ ‬ensure that Connecticut‭’‬s system of higher education remains accessible,‭ ‬affordable,‭ ‬and accountable.‭ ‬The plan is to establish a long-term tuition model to help plan for the cost of college.‭ ‬Some of the‭ ‬plans include improving student retention rates and increasing enrollment through new initiatives like “Go Back to Get Ahead”,‭ ‬which targets residents seeking to complete degrees,‭ ‬and outreach to returning military personnel to evaluate experiential learning for academic credit.‭ ‬It also includes improving system-wide credit transfer and course articulation to reduce time to degree completion and keep tuition costs in check,‭ ‬and developing a system-wide academic/facilities master plan to strategically map out program expansion.‭ ‬Most of‭ ‬these plans and changes sound like students will have a better experience‭ ‬in college than ever before.‭

The guests who‭ ‬attended and joined Gov. Malloy at the press conference were Board of Regents for Higher Education Vice Chair Yvette Melendez,‭ ‬Board of Regents President Gregory Gray,‭ ‬Connecticut Department of Education Commissioner Stefan Pryor,‭ Conn. State S‬enator Steve Cassano,‭ ‬a former teacher and‭ ‬student at MCC, Mayor of Manchester‭ ‬Leo Diana,‭ ‬MCC SGA President Brian Nwafor,‭ ‬a good amount of‭ ‬students,‭ ‬and‭ ‬more‭ ‬education and business leaders.‭

Credit: Alvin Rodriguez MCC NOW Video Editor