By Daniel Schwager

Live Wire Videographer

Snow, Snow, and More Snow, Connecticut got hit during the President’s Day weekend by “old man winter.” Snow totals across the state accumulated over 20 inches snow by the three snow storms that hit in the six day period. Manchester alone got 18 inches.

On Thursday February 13, Manchester Community College was canceled because of 10 to 15 inches of snow that came from the storm. MCC chose to cancel the school day before the storm hit on Wednesday February 12. It was smart move by MCC President Gena Glickman who chose to close down the school because of “nor’easter.”

MCC criminal justice Professor Dubiel even had advice for the student body, “My thoughts are I want everybody to be safe, drive safe, don’t slip on the ice, and be careful.”

MCC was also closed down again on Tuesday February 18, 2014 because of snow, as Manchester was hit with 6 inches snow, making the highways thick, and hard to drive on. These two snow storms gave MCC a well-rested and unplanned break to catch up on needed work that had to be done. Also it helps gets students well rested with Mid-terms right around the corner.