By Alvin Rodriguez &

Dan Schwager

Live Wire Videographers

Spring break, the one week out of the spring semester that college students have off to kick back and unwind after a stressful first half of the semester.

 Overtime a stereotype has been created thanks to Hollywood and its countless movies based on their perception of spring break. According to them, the only thing college students do on spring break is go to a tropical place, drink, party, and sleep around like their lives depended on it.

 In reality, out of the more than 17 million students enrolled in colleges in the U.S., a little more than 1 million students take part in the stereotypical Spring Break. So, what do all of the other students do during their week off? Well, we can’t account for all of them but for the most part, we know exactly what MCC students did during the Spring Break. MCC students did almost nothing at all, which is understandable given the fact that many students were drained from their midterms.

 Jordan Moore told us that he “stayed in the house and slept, watched TV, and stayed on the computer.”

 Other students, like Heather Winters, took the time “to catch up on some homework. But overall it was nice to just take a break and relax.”

 Although many of the students just kicked back and relaxed, a handful of MCC students went away for their Spring Break. David Grey told us he went to “North Carolina to do some volunteer work for Habitat For Humanity.” Every year for spring break, thousands of students sign up with Habitat for Humanity to volunteer their time to build houses for the less fortunate.

 A couple of students do fall in to the stereotypical spring breaker. Luis Reyes shared with us that he visited Cancún for spring break. Cancún receives more 100,000 students every year during the spring break weeks, primarily due to a younger legal drinking age than the US. He says he didn’t only party but went to a “nice casino and gambled.” Luckily, he only lost $50.

 Although many MCC students didn’t do much of anything during Spring Break, everybody seems to have slept a lot, recharged their batteries, and are ready to go for the second half of the spring semester.