By Dan Schwager & Alvin Rodriguez

MCC Now Videographers

The semester is coming to an end, finals are already here, and graduation is just around the corner. Manchester Community College took time to celebrate the end of the semester on Wednesday May 7, 2014 with the 2014 Spring Fling event, which is put together and run by the SGA.

This event included food, music, and activities which included inflatable racing balloons, and also most of the clubs on campus had tables at this event. Some the clubs include ICE Radio, Outdoor club, DARC club and many others.

Newly elected SGA officers were inaugurated into office publicly during the fling. SGA President Brian Nwafor handed off the gavel to new SGA President-elect Brittanymarie Barber in honor of her win as SGA President.

Nwafor talked about what he was feeling about swearing in the new officers of SGA.

“It is really hitting me hard, the fact that I will be ending my presidency very soon,” said Nwafor. “So right now I am just looking back on all that I have accomplished, and our team has accomplished in the past year. I am very proud of the things we have accomplished and achieve over the past year. And I know that [Barber] will do an excellent job as the new president of Student Government Association.”

Nwafor also had one last message for the students to take with them.

“[Students] always have a voice here on campus, and that you are the most powerful entity in this institution,” said Nwafor. “And you should use your voices effectively and always make sure that you know…what you are taking about, who your advocating too, and that way you can make a different here on campus.”

Barber also had some words about being sworn in as new president.

“I am feeling very good,” said Barber. “I like the vibe going on and ending the semester.”

Barber also had message for students going into next semester and school year.

“Start strong, I want everyone to start talking and making friends,” said Barber.