Daniel Schwager

MCC Now News Anchor

Alvin Rodriguez

MCC Now Videographer
One of the biggest changes coming in to the past school year was the the brand new parking in East Lot. But thought the year, the parking lot has been having major issues with lighting, and still needs to be better.

“We were promised better lighting out there then we have had in the past,” said Chief of MCC Police, Lt. Michael Davis. “The lighting I feel out there is unacceptable, it is more or less a dark glow out there.”

Davis also talked about the LED Lighting on the campus, “LED doesn’t just burn out like a regular light blub, its burn out a small diode at a time, it could last ten to fifteen years.”

“It can be really dark out there when you’re leaving about 9 [or] 10 o’clock, after the late night classes. I think it can be a little better for the students to be safer walking across,” said James Doppes, an engineering major on Campus.

Davis is pushing to try to get better lights in both the east and west parking lots, since the west parking lot already has some lamps that are out of power and that need to be fix. This is a big safety problem on campus, that needs to be fixed before school starts up again in the Fall.