By Aaron Scott, Layout Editor

The original logo

The original logo. Photo Credit: Ello inc.

The newest social network on the scene known as Ello opened up its doors to beta testing recently and has granted users access via email invites. This site – unlike most others – has no advertisements or third parties. They won’t sell your personal information as data to marketers either! This site has the LGBT community enamored ever since Facebook’s new – and since then, repealed – real-name policy, forcing all users to use their legal names, endangering the lives and well-being of drag queens at risk of attack and harassment.

The logo designed with the LGBT Pride flag

The logo designed with the LGBT Pride flag. Photo Credit: Ello inc.

Ello’s manifesto states their mission, to re-humanize social media and stop the deceitful profiting of fellow users. Ello is also FREE to use. Get more information at their main website. [ELLO.CO]