Josh Caswell, Live Wire Staff Videographer and Olivia Jablonski, Live Wire Editor-in-Chief

Gray scale Photo of Tony Memmel.Courtesy of

Tony Memmel. Courtesy of

We all have experienced times in our life where things become too difficult to understand or hard to deal with, but outside of this we are able to surpass those struggles by searching for some form of inspiration.  Creative songwriter and performer, Tony Memmel shares his story and music with an exclusive interview from ICE Radio conducted by advisor and communications Professor Albert Kim.

Memmel was born with a missing left forearm, but it certainly did not stop him from following his passion to play music. He taught himself to play the guitar by constructing a self-made cast out of Gorilla Tape that secures a guitar pick to his arm. Amazingly, he picks and strums his guitar, and sings his songs with his subtle, yet powerful voice.

In the video above, Memmel and his friend Leslie share two songs they co-wrote together called “I Know We’ll Get There” and “If You Let Me.” With his powerful lyrics and charismatic personality jumbled in the two songs, you receive a sense of comfort and inspiration as he softly riffs away from his guitar and harmonizes his melodic sound.

Tony Memmel seems to have an amazing work ethic, talent, and personality that you do not see every day. His story is an inspiration to those that are on the lookout for greater things to come, and hearing from this strikingly bright, up-and-coming artist is a way to let us know not to give up in what we believe makes us happy.

Visit Tony Memmel through his website and look for more exclusive music sessions, photos, and tour date events!