By Sarah Moss

If you wondered what the halls of the art wing in the AST building were doing lined with paper and covered in drawings earlier this week, here is why. The Big Draw is a yearly event hosted by the MCC Foundation, run by drawing professor Patricia Carrogan, and serves as a way to bring the community together in creating beautiful art. I, myself participated and drew a few things, but mainly went to gawk at the other drawings the artists came to make. If you were also wondering who did what, Patricia met with me to identify the artists of the drawings I captured with my camera.


Art credits:

Albert Luciano – Batman, Joker, and Wolverine, Older Aang in Avatar State

Ryan Miller – Lamp with mountain scene

Jessica Vining – Sunflower

Corina Sayward – Stay Gold Ship

Kelsey Joyce – Enjoy the Trip

The big draw logo was taken from a Tshirt at the event.