By James Lancy, Live Wire Assistant Editor

Photo Courtesy of Crunchy Roll

At first glance, Binan Koukou Chikyubouei-bu LOVE, otherwise known as the Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE, one would think the series was a silly knockoff of Sailor Moon. Well, the assumption wouldn’t be very far from the truth.

The series follows five high school students who form the Earth Defense Club at Binan High School, an all-boys academy, two of them who meet one another at a bath house owned by the family of Yumoto Hakone. A twist of fate led them to meet Wombat, a pink alien beast from an unknown world dedicated to bringing love to the rest of the universe. When the five finally meet, Wombat forces all five boys to wear special bracelets that transform them into “Battle Lovers,” magical princes and heirs to the throne of Love.

Yumoto becomes Battle Lover Scarlet, leader of the Battle Lovers. En Yufuin, a naturally lazy young man becomes Battle Lover Cerulean, master of the waters. Atsushi Kinugawa, a studious third year at Binan transforms into Battle Lover Ephinard, the four leaf clover being his symbol. Io Naruko, a sensible money-driven student turns into Battle Lover Sulfur, otherwise known as the Todoroki Prince. And Ryu Zao, a “ladies’ man” becomes Battle Lover Vesta, also known as the Heartthrob Prince.

With each new episode, they must battle unique monsters who turn out to be fellow students who always seem to have some sort of issue that they just can’t seem to let go of. As they spread love under the direction of Wombat, they come closer to figuring out who is behind the attacks.

The series was literally meant to be a zany knockoff of “Sailor Moon,” giving shoujou (girls) and shounen ai (boy’s love) lovers a much needed fan service. Each episode is filled with awkward and embarrassing situations for the viewer to laugh at hysterically and the transformations leave much to the imagination. Episodes simulcast Tuesdays at 10:45 am (PST) at for premium members and are released one week later for free members.