By James Lancy, Live Wire Assistant Editor

In a (somewhat) peaceful world where humans live with free will, parasites of unknown origin silently force themselves into human bodies. They were given simple orders; devour this species. Many succeed in taking over the brains of the humans, but few “unfortunately” end up in other parts of the body or in other species. For high school senior Shinichi Izumi, his right arm was replaced by one of these parasites by a mere chance followed by a bit of quick thinking. Because of this action, he and his parasite “Migi” join forces to ensure their survival. By doing this, Shinichi grows in strength and wit while he develops new friendships and a blossoming relationship with love interest, Satomi Murano.
Unfortunately, after Shinichi’s mother succumbs to the will of a parasite, Migi, has to take drastic measures to save his life and it will change him forever. Meanwhile, political offices are taken over by dangerous hosts, turning cities into feeding grounds. With Migi as his right hand, Shinichi becomes unstoppable.
For fans who love the anime Tokyo Ghoul (Tokyo Kushu), this anime is definitely for you. It has blood, guts, and yes, sex.
Episodes simulcast Wednesdays at 2:45 p.m. EDT for premium members on and are released one week later for free members.

Photo Courtesy of Shinigamilist Files