Munch 5

Photo courtesy of The Munch Gallery

By Aaron Scott, Live Wire Layout Editor

On March 14, 2015 the Lower East Side of Manhattan’s Munch Gallery put out a bold botanical display, just not the one you’d expect. Spanish artist Bubi Canal proudly hosted the opening of his second solo show titled ‘Magic Garden’. Numerous publications like Hi-Fructose Magazine and The Wall Street Journal have featured Canal’s work. His signature red, yellow, blue and green palette beautifully emblazoned across his sculptures, photography and video installations.

That night proved to be a spastic showcase of avant-garde pieces that were stylish and structured, yet juvenile in appearance. To decipher the meaning of his work, it is best recommended to let his art transcend your realities, release your inhibitions and otherwise, speak for itself.

His featured photography included scapes from his short film ‘Hologram’, also screened at the gallery. Colorful assemblages of found plastic parts became toy-like and whimsical; so much so, that one is tempted to pick them up and begin playing with them. A totemic sculptural piece stood guard in the gallery’s back end as a mighty landmark; staking Bubi’s claim and control of the room.

His work features the likes of Miuko Soda, Jorge Clar, Fuxedo DeVito, Natsuki Ikeda, Idan Bitton as well as Canal himself. It is a visceral experience, one to be enjoyed by many or even alone. The Munch Gallery will feature ‘Magic Garden from March 14 until April 19 in Manhattan.