From drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, ceramics, to graphic design and illustration, the Spring Arts Festival featured many of its works by Manchester Community College’s Visual Arts students.

It is the culmination of work by MCC students from the Spring semester, and is certainly a celebration and sharing of the great efforts and talents the students provided in the Arts at the college.

Most of the works were presented in the Hans Weiss Newspace Gallery and throughout the first floor of the AST building. Refreshments were served and MCC music art students provided ongoing vocal and instrumental performances throughout the evening of the event.

At least an attendance of about 300 people, both from the college and community attended the extravagant event.

These Arts Festivals occur at the end of each semester. Each year the Arts department hold both a Winter and Spring Festival.

The Spring Arts Festival exhibition will be on display from now till August 30 and is open to the public.