Artist, fashion designer, clothier, and sculptor Scooter LaForge is no stranger to the strange. His exhibit was held in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, titled “How to Build a Monsterpiece” carries notes of Frankenstein, a piecemealed display of paintings, sculpture and clothing.

Photo By Kenneth M. Walsh

Upon the opening night on Saturday, September 19, numerous galleries alongside “Howl! Happening” were abuzz with clamoring visitors discoursing various pieces. Something about LaForge’s material definitely stood out among the adjacent galleries.

Much of his work involves combining the late 20th century nostalgia with homoerotica; all whilst drawing visual inspiration from various contemporary artists like Andy Warhol as well as classical masters like Rembrandt van Rijn.

There was an air of wonder and enchantment, not only with his pieces, but also with his subject matter. Themes of macabre, horror, lust and childlike play were present in all of his works.

Cartoon cyclopses, bulging eyes, ghosts, skeletons and extorted, colorful faces adorned the walls of “Howl! Happening.” Admittedly, to a first time viewer of this work, it can seem rather unsettling.

However, one artist known as Banksy once said, “art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.” This is exactly what Scooter achieves, despite a good time had by all whom attended. The social environment of the affair is what really drove the event to its pinnacle.

LaForge is an LGBT community icon; to be in his presence, have a conversation with him and network with him along with various guests – was a priceless gift. Positive vibes were felt all around. Happenings like these prove that art gallery openings are much more than free wine, admission and air-conditioned spaces.

Scooter’s passion comes from a place of humility and hard work and it absolutely shows through his [pop] cultured repertoire, working with the likes of Blondie, Walter Van Beierendock, Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé Knowles. There’s truly nowhere to go but up for Mr. LaForge.

The exhibition will be displayed at Howl! Happening until October 10. To view more of LaForge’s pieces, visit his blog:

Visit for more information.

The gallery location:

Howl! Happening
6 East 1 Street New York, New York. 10003
Telephone: 917-475-1294