By Will Kidder

Live Wire writer

adventure-story-2Bungie released the latest expansion pack to their space epic Destiny last week.  The new expansion titled: The Taken King adds almost ten hours of additional gameplay to the game.  Destiny is a RPG shooter with fast, frantic action that was designed to be played with your friends, or alone. In an epic face-off against hordes of aliens and robotic entities across the galaxy, or you could test your might and skirmish with other players in PVP combat.  The Taken King adds missions with a much heavier focus on its story that the game had been lacking since its release year ago.  In many ways, this makes The Taken King feel like an entirely different game from Destiny’s base content, though it could be called bittersweet, getting this much needed addition as a part of a pricey $40 expansion that comes a year after the base game’s  release. Some people criticize it for being too little too late, especially since the previous two DLCs have been only $20.  That being said, If you’ve been waiting to get in on this exhilarating co-op shooter, now is the best time to do so.  Alongside the release of The Taken King comes Destiny: Legendary Edition; which, for the price of a full game (about $60) it  includes the base game, The Taken King expansion, and the previous two add ons The Dark Below and House of Wolves. If you were to buy them separately, you would be spending roughly $140. The amount of content you get for that price makes Destiny: Legendary Edition well worth your time

Image courtesy of Playstation USA