By James Lancy
Live Wire Senior Staff Writer

The movie screamed everything that the Merc with the Mouth was in the comics; serious and absolutely childish. The opening credits alone were silly beyond all reason with names like “Asshats” and “A Gratuitous Cameo”, and a very carefully placed camera shot on a People Magazine cover with Ryan Reynolds on the cover. Every so often, you’ll see Deadpool’s standard fourth wall break (when a character talks to the audience), even a fourth wall break within a fourth wall break, as well as Reynolds’ character talks about the actor himself. Many of these elements come straight from the comic itself. Throughout the movie, you’ll see a menagerie of nods to different roles Reynolds has had in the past and a few of the creators that made the comic and movie possible. Stan “The Man” Lee made his usual cameo as a DJ for a strip club.

The overall tone of the movie was badassery and childishness, but perhaps the production overdid it a little. Nevertheless, there were some funny quips and jabs at just about everyone. Look carefully enough and you’ll see all of the jokes. Audiences will go in relatively tame and come out swearing like a sailor. Certainly not one to take your kids to see because of it’s R rating, which is certainly pushed to the limit.deadpool1-gallery-image