By James Lancy
Live Wire Editor-In-Chief

Photo Courtesy of MCC Marketing

Photo Courtesy of MCC Marketing

Student Jennifer Zapata drove to class on Friday, September 30 when her vehicle suddenly stalled and within a minute or two the entire engine compartment was engulfed in flames, MCC Police Officer Brian Mulligan said.

The student claimed that her Honda Civic stalled on Raimey Drive just outside of the MCC campus and the engine started smoking, Mulligan said.

She promptly exited the vehicle, and it was then that the engine spontaneously combusted. A passerby stopped to call the Manchester Fire Department, then MCC Police was contacted and responded to the scene. The fire was quickly put out by the Manchester FD.

The vehicle was severely damaged, but the student was unharmed. There was no sign of criminality and the fire appears to have been accidental.

Zapata was picked up by her father shortly after the vehicle have been removed, Mulligan said.