By Emily Hughes, Live Wire Staff Writer

“Game of Thrones,” HBO’s Emmy Award-winning TV powerhouse, has become one of the most popular fixtures in American culture. It has become the subject of dinner conversations, has created a merchandise empire; it has even started film careers of actors (Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark in the series, played Jean Gray in the latest installment of “X-Men: Apocalypse”).

Recently, it was also used as the inspiration for “Throne of Games,” this year’s theme for the annual murder-mystery dinner party that was held at Manchester Community College on Tuesday evening of October 18.

Hosted by communications professor, Albert Kim, the event was full of lively fun, engaging laughter, and murder.

The dinner included a flatbread sitting underneath a roasted turkey, served with cooked carrots and turnips. It also included delicious cabbage soup in a bread bowl as an entrée and baked apple cinnamon for dessert.

The actors that portrayed memorable characters such as “Prince Rockhard Starknekkid” and “Trosh Cannister,” are a part of “Mission Improv-able,” an acting troupe that was launched by Kim.

It is comprised of MCC students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Guests were each given a medieval trivia quiz to complete before the event began, a packet of background information on the story and characters, and an “amateur detective grid sheet” to assist the guests in finding the motive, the method, and the moment of opportunity for the suspects.

Kim acted as emcee for the evening, portraying Chinese detective named “Fu Chan Mu.” First year student advisor, Jason Scappaticci, played “Prince Starknekkid,” while ICE Radio vice president Brandon Cabral played Starknekkid’s rival and younger brother to “Shoogar Cannister,” Trosh.

Kudos to Professor Kim and his company for an exciting (and delicious) night!