In a small crowded room, you’re listening to a familiar rock band; you realize the guitarist is hitting the same chords, in the same rhythm, as when you first discovered them. You suddenly get excited and listen to the amazing music.

This year marks their twentieth anniversary of Candlebox and they’ve been touring nonstop since the beginning of the summer in different cities and states to jam out to their long lost fans. On the night of September 25th, Candlebox performed at the Webster Theatre along with Hinder and two other bands who opened the show: Open Air Stereo and Devour the Day. The crowd was decent and energetic, mostly filled with older, middle-aged fans of Candlebox who seemed delighted to be near the main stage and anticipated on hearing the music they fell in love with back in their high school and college years.

Candlebox originated from Seattle, Washington in 1990 and made hit singles like “So Far Behind” and “You” from their first self-titled album that made a huge hit back in 1993. Their band name was actually inspired by lyrics from Midnight Oil, “Tin Legs and Tin Mines.” If you listen closely to the lyrics, you will get the idea where their name came from: “I’m gonna wait till we all stop from running, boxed in like candles, polar bear pride.”

The grunge movement for bands like Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins were popular back in the early 1990s, but Candlebox was looked down upon by critics as if they had  joined the bandwagon of the grunge. To be honest, if you’re someone who appreciates all kinds of music, you would understand that each band has their own unique taste and style in their genre. Candlebox was influenced by all kinds of music, including jazz, hardcore rock and even grunge to create their laid-back sound of theirs.

One song they performed on the main stage was “Change,” and before the song was introduced, lead singer Kevin Martin playfully laughed to his audiences saying, “Man, 1993. It’s been twenty years, has it really been that long? This one’s for you guys, it’s called ‘Change.’”

The crowd went wild and threw their hands up in the air while they deliriously sang the words to the song. The band also performed “So Far Behind” and “Cover Me”. Everyone was having a pleasurable time, as if everyone was sharing in the memory of the first time they heard “Cover Me”.

One of the opening acts, Open Air Stereo, was very notable and I enjoyed their Southern Rock feel almost as much as I enjoyed Candlebox. Fans of this band might remember them when MTV aired “Laguna Beach”, lead singer, Chase Johnson became the main character in the series, which featured Open Air Stereo prominently as his other band mates, Nick Gross (drums), Scott Pounds (guitars), and Evan Smith (bass) were joined along with him. The series concluded with the band’s sold-out performance at The Roxy in Los Angeles. For the first time in eleven years as a band, they finally released their debut album back in May of this year titled ‘Primates’ and their songs, “Stuck On You” and “Love Is Blind” both sound amazing live and just as great on their record. The way this band presents themselves are ferociously attractive, especially when their clear rush of guitars and explosive percussions that punctuate each song.

Open Air Stereo is currently touring with Candlebox and Hinder, along with Devour The Day on the dates of Wednesday October 2nd, in Clifton Park, NY at Upstate Concert Hall; Tuesday October 1st, in Worchester, MA at the Palladium and Sunday October 6th, in Chicago, IL at the House of Blues. Don’t miss out on seeing a familiar or unknown band, because you just might eventually fall in love with them.