By Gabrielle Benson

Special to the Live Wire

It was a full house in Manchester Community College’s Fireside Commons Nov. 6 when world renowned psychic/medium Matt Fraser made an appearance. Fraser came to give a talk on his new book, “The Secrets to Unlocking Your Psychic Ability,” and also to give psychic readings to the crowd.

Matthew Fraser. Credit to

Matthew Fraser. Credit to

The event was also a fundraiser for Protectors of Animals, which co-sponsored the appearance with the MCC library. Located in East Hartford, POA is a non-profit, primarily volunteer, no-kill organization which rescues abandoned, stray and impounded cats and dogs. POA has been active since 1975, and will shortly be celebrating its 40th anniversary.

The event commenced when Jody Macrina, POA president, took the floor and gave a brief explanation of her organization. Macrina then welcomed Fraser, to the floor.

Fraser briefly discussed his background and how he came to know he had a gift, and then he got to the readings. He approached those who had loved ones coming through to him, and had them stand as he took their hand and tried to communicate with their loved ones from “the other side.” He explained the readings as quick conversations back and forth in his head with those who came through to him. He said that those speaking to him showed him visuals of what was most important to them while they were alive. Throughout the event he was shown an array of visuals such as dressed up dinner parties and sentimental jewelry boxes.

Matt at one of his live shows. Courtasy of

Matt at one of his live shows. Courtasy of

Fraser won over an originally tense room with his light-hearted jokes and easy going demeanor. At one point he comforted a nervous woman who he’d asked to stand by saying “It’s OK, if you pass out we can get you medical attention; if you die we can talk to you.”

It was clear based on the facial expressions alone of those he sought out that he had picked up on something unexpected. Some of those who were read were clearly caught off guard, like attendee Mary Greene.

“I came tonight with a friend and didn’t know what to expect,” she said, “but he told me things about my mother that there’s no way he could know about.”

After the readings, Fraser discussed and signed copies of his book. For more information about Fraser visit

From the event $2,625 was raised for POA, according to John C. Thomas, executive director.