By James Lancy
Live Wire Assistant to the Editor

Campaign shirt by Represent

Campaign shirt made by Represent

Stephen Amell, a 34-year old Canadian actor of the CW series “Arrow” appeared in a Facebook video Wednesday afternoon to announce his Represent campaign, “Sinceriously,” will be revived for one last time for ten days.

For its last run, patrons can purchase T-shirts, hoodies, cellphone cases, mugs or a wooden planked sign to support two mental health charities, “Stand for the Silent” and “Paws and Stripes.”

“Stand for the Silent” is a charity that combats teenage bullying and “Paws and Stripes” works to save dogs from being euthanized in rescue shelters and trains them to be service dogs for military veterans.

“Both are great charities,” Amell said of the benefiting organizations of the campaign. Around 50,000 items have been sold in past runs and in this round; the first goal stated on the page is 500.

Amell, in the past, has also worked to benefit the charity “F*ck Cancer,” a charity that contributes to cancer research to help find a cure.

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