By Courtney Clarke, Live Wire intern

ce-phys-yoga-775The ongoing battle to save the fitness center here at Manchester Community College has made some steady progress. The Health and Exercise Science Club has volunteered to open the center for all students, staff and faculty. The facility will be opened every Tuesday from 12:00 P.M to 2:00 P.M.

After the closing of the fitness center in previous semesters many students were forced to find alternative locations to work out and relieve their stress from a strenuous work and academic schedule. As of fall 2015 a petition was started in order to reinstate the fitness center. The petition thus far has garnered over 800 signatures from both students and faculty.

Even with the high number of students showing interest in the reinstatement of the fitness center, I noticed there is an overwhelming number of individuals who did not know about MCC’s  fitness center.  

Although short staffed, the club has managed to make the fitness cnter available to the best of their ability. Volunteer Carolyn Rivers has dedicated her time to ensure that those who do choose to utilize the center receive proper professional supervision. When asked about the current state of the fitness center she said “students need somewhere to unwind.”

The question that many are asking is why was the fitness center closed in the first place? The simple answer is the lack of funding. MCC along with other community colleges in the state have been the target of a massive budget cut. This has resulted in the increase of tuition that many students are feeling the impact from. The fitness center has been affected by the budget cuts because it is cutting the necessary funds to provide the necessary staff to help run the center. Not having the proper staff to oversee the day to day operations is a major liability issue with the college.

  My conversation with Allison Mackenzie who is the faculty advisor for the Health and Exercise Science Club included the possible solutions to combat the budget cuts that will help benefit the fitness center in the long run. She stated “that an outside company funding the fitness center was an option.” Another possibility was “finding a personal donor who was willing to donate money to funding the center.” Mackenzie went on to say that “students should have a unified voice and speak to the SGA” in regards to the current dilemma.  

For those who are interested in signing the petition they can do so at the office of student activities which is located in room L149.

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