By James Lancy
Live Wire Editor-In-Chief

The election is finally over and the inevitable happened. Donald Drumpf won the presidency and coming from a registered Democrat, we really have you to blame. You pandered, and lied, and strong-armed Bernie Sanders into losing to you, now look where the rest of us are. We have to deal with four years of Donald Drumpf’s annoying voice blasted on high volume. And for what? Because you wanted to make some more history as the first woman president? As an individual, I implore you to not flatter yourself. You caused this mess by shutting away the one person who could have won. Bernie Sanders started a revolution, you put a stop to it completely, and we all lost faith in your establishment.

You may have adapted Bernie’s policies to pander to his supporters, and that may have made you out to be some sort of saint, but don’t kid yourself. You didn’t earn my vote by appealing to my better nature, Bernie did. Bernie Sanders lived what he preached, you didn’t. Bernie Sanders brought honesty into politics, you didn’t. Bernie Sanders made us believe in government again, you made us hate it even more.

I didn’t want to say I told you so, and honestly, I don’t have to now. The results have done that for me. Donald Drumpf won states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Florida, all states that Mitt Romney lost in 2012 according to the Associated Press. The answer for why the lunatic we have in office now won them is clear, the rest of us lost all faith we may have had for you.

Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks kept saying it over and over again during his coverage of the primaries; Bernie Sanders would have beaten Drumpf in the presidency by wide margins according to major pollsters like Quinnipiac and Pew Research.

Instead of the nation banding together against Drumpf like you wanted, we banded against you. I didn’t even want to vote for you in the beginning, I only did it because I didn’t want to see Drumpf in office. Jill Stein was my first choice and I should have stuck to my guns, at least then I would have hated myself a little less after everything was over.

So do us all a favor and get out of politics now, because you clearly can’t pander your way out of a paper bag. Let someone else have a stab at it for a change. The world will certainly benefit from it.

One pissed off Editor-in-Chief