A screenshot of the game play by James Lancy

A screenshot of the game play by James Lancy

By James Lancy
Live Wire Editor in Chief

For those who like more indie games, My.com is hosting a brand new MOBA (Massive Online Battle Arena) game for PC by Russian developing company Alois that is in the earlier stages of testing. The beta tests for Cloud Pirates proved to be both fun and problematic. Yes, you get to sail the high skies instead of the seven seas in this new game based in fractured space and as the closed beta sessions go on, the developers reveal more and more features the full version will have.

The game features an array of ships a player can traverse through different maps to complete one of several game modes. Newer and better ships can be researched and purchased with in-game currency by heading into battle and gaining experience for your ship and overall. Battle modes range from capture the flag and capturing points to full-on death matches. According to the site, ships will be customizable with skins, sails, and specialized flags like the Jolly Roger.

But no game is perfect from the get go. I noticed some problems here and there during both the first and second test slots. During the first closed beta, I noticed that the narration would start out in Russian and continue on in English. Games would also lag out considerably which would cause problems for laptop users streaming over a wifi signal. During the second test sessions, even more problems reared their ugly heads. I’d have to play some battles without ship abilities (each ship can have three) and for other battles, the progress bar at the top of the screen would show no progress for either the allied or enemy team.

The game will soon be opened to the public for an open beta session before releasing the full version sometime early next year. The site also announced that the game has been greenlit to be hosted by gaming giant Steam. For more updates and to sign up for the game, click here.