By Daniel Schwager

Live Wire News Anchor

 Alvin Rodriguez

MCC Now Videographer


The 2014 Winter Olympics have come to an end. A record 88 countries took part in the games this year. Winter Olympics may only come every four years, but for these athletes have worked their entire lives to be ready for this event in their sport. But from Friday, February 7, 2014 to Sunday, February 23, 2014 the athletes were put to the test and see if their training paid off in gold.

USA won a total of 28 medals falling just short to host country Russia, who won with a total of 33, but the US team still had some historic moments in the games.

USA snowboarders Sage Kotsenberg and Aime Johnson both won their first gold medals for their performances in Men’s and Women’s snowboarding slope style competition.

The weather for Sochi Olympics was interesting none the less; as we New Englanders were battling the harsh conditions of “Old Man Winter.” The weather in Sochi was in the 60‘s, which is normal for this subtropical climate, making it hard to compete in outside events as they had to make fake snow to put down on the mountain.

“Idiotic to have the Olympics in a tropical area,” said Alexandra Rivera of Manchester Community College.

The MCC students body’s favorite moments were wide spread for many people and their interests, but one favorite event of students was ice hockey.

The US ice hockey teams had some great moments and some disappointing ones. One great moment was when the US Men’s hockey team beat Russia in an exciting game that ended in a shootout. The US won 3 to 2, and benefitted from the skills of Conn. native, Jonathan Quick who plays goaltender.

US men’s most disappointing moment was when they lost to Canada in the semi-final’s 1 to nothing. The US hockey team finished by losing in the bronze medal game to Finland, five to nothing.

US woman’s hockey had one of the most heartbreaking moments of the Olympics when they fell just short of a gold medal. Canada came all the way to tie the gold medal game at 2, before end of regulation, and won game with a goal in overtime to win 3-2.

The Winter Olympics overall were a success, they had some great moments that will stay with MCC students, now to look forward to the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio.